Wow! Heres one for the books……

Apple 1 system number 82 has found a new owner, for the bargain basement price of only £133,250.  Sold via Christie’s of London, and originally shipped from Steve Jobs’ garage, the pre-auction estimate had been up to £150,000.  The buyer remains unknown at the time of this posting.

The Apple 1 was considered the first personal computer, and approximately 200 systems were produced.  About a quarter of those survive today.  This kit includes the motherboard, cassette adapter, manuals, the original shipping box in good condition, and a signed letter from Steve Jobs to the first owner.

This particular Apple 1 has made the rounds.  Cult of Mac first reported on it in November 2009 when it was posted on eBay for $50,000. A year later and it has appreciated significantly in value.