Its official from Forbes Magazine in the USA. Steve Jobs is one of the most powerful men on the planet.

He has rose a good 15 place since last years results!

With an effete wave of his hand, Steve Jobs could have you and everyone you cared about bludgeoned to death in the night by turtleneck-wearing goons armed with iPhone-stuffed socks, but that’s not enough to make him crack the top ten in Forbes’ list of most powerful people on the planet.

Nonetheless, the strongly spoken Apple CEO has managed to go up quite a few notches on the list, buoyed by Apple’s successes in the mobile arena. He climbed from the 57th spot last year to number 17 this year.

In truth, though, almost no one from the tech world is in the top ten ranking of Forbes’ list. Bill Gates still comes in at number 10, but Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have dropped from their fifth place ranking to 22nd and 23rd.

Other tech names to note? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at number 40, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos at spot 60 and, bizarrely, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange at number 68.

Still, good news all around for Steve Jobs, who is now officially the second most powerful man in tech. At the very least, it means there’s only sixteen people in the world that Jobs is compelled to doff his hat to.

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