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Mac Troubleshooting

Mac Repairs Leeds is here to help. We may love our macs, but they can still suffer significant problems.If your Mac is not turning on, or kernel panics are coming up repeatably, the best thing to do is switch it off and bring it along to the Mac Doctor.

1. Starting Your Mac in Safe Mode

Safe Mode (aka Safe Boot) is a special mode of Mac OS X that disables certain features and checks your startup disk. If you’re having a problem with your Mac, booting into Safe Mode might help isolate or fix the problem, or it might at least let you start up your Mac so you can investigate the problem further.

To start up in Safe Mode:

  1. Shut down your Mac
  2. Power on the Mac
  3. Wait until the chime has played, then immediately press and hold either Shift key
  4. When the grey Apple logo and spinning gear appear, release theShift key

If still now joy. Contact Us.

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