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iPhone Back Replacement Leeds

iPhone Back Replacement Leeds. If you have just broken the back on your iPhone 4, or 4S and are looking for a place to get it replaced, then look no further! We are able to replace the back on your iPhone while you wait! The job takes us about 5 minutes and your on your way […]


iPod Touch Repair Leeds

If your looking for a quality iPod touch repair in Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Halifax, or Harrogate then look no further.We Can replace you cracked lcd screen the very same day. We hear so many times that the item has been dropped so don’t worry about it, your not alone! We can fix the iPod Touch […]


Steve Jobs And Siri Become One!

It took hard work to create this mod, and you’ll hopefully be seeing it soon in Cydia. If you recognize the image of Steve’s silhouette, it’s probably because you’ve seen it other familiar places before. A jailbreak developer who goes by the name of “iPhoneKillerStyle” has thought up a unique Siri mod that replaces the […]


Apple Announce Mountain Lion

Apple has announced its latest version of OS X for Macs. Mountain Lion is available for preview today in two ways. If you’re a consumer, you can read about the new features at Apple’s website. And anyone running OS X Lion can download and install the beta version of Messages, a new app that replaces iChat for instant messaging, […]


Mac Repair Halifax

Mac Repair Halifax Mac Repair in Halifax  Yorkshire provide a apple technician to your home or business in the Halifax area. Apple Macintosh computer repair andsupport specialist throughout Halifax , Yorkshire. On call 7 days a week till 9pm. Call today for on site Apple repair and support services. Our office is based in Leeds, but we are able to […]


Apple Toys Around with The A5 Powered MacBook Air

A new update form the world of mac is that Speculation that Apple is to introduce ARM processors to the next revision of its MacBook Airs continues, as one source claims the company is internally testing the ultraportable notebooks with its A5 processor… but will we really see an A5 powered MacBook Air? I don’t […]


New Sandy Bridge Processors Coming For The Improved MacBook Air

Some more great and up and coming news from the world of Apple. The three new processors will be dual-core with Hyperthreaded processors including graphics cores that range from 350MHz to 1.2Ghz. Main differences from existing CPUs would be a smaller on-board cache of only 3MB of Level 3 cache versus 4MB and lower clock […]


Rumor: iPad 2 To Launch In April!

Another bit of news out there! Although Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about new products in the pipeline, it’s pretty easy to predict when they’ll refresh one of their devices as long as you know when they last released an update… and this is doubly true for iOS devices, which follow a strict yearly update cycle. […]


Mac App store launches with 1,000 applications

Apple’s Mac App store launched today alongside the release of Mac OS X 10.6.6, bringing some major iPhone and iPad applications to the Mac platform and pulling some existing Mac favorites into the new App Store. The Mac App Store is included as part of Mac OS X 10.6.6, and is unavailable for Mac OS […]


Rumor That Verizon iPhone To Debut Right After Christmas

Fresh of the press from the people at cult of mac. We report with reservations, because this rumor — while titillating — is clearly absurd. That said, if you don’t hear it from us, you’ll hear it from someone more breathless: Mac Daily News is claiming that the VerizoniPhone is coming to a Verizon outlet near […]

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