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A Line of pixels seems to have frozen on the screen, I’m assuming they are not dead at the colour varies mac from white to a dark grey across the line of pixels. I have tried using the pixelfix widget, running the mov file for a day and it still has not fixed it? hi, i need to get hold of a ibook g4 hard drive, just wondering how much you sell it for and where you are located leeds so i can pick it up. Please dont email me as my apple macbookA1181 has died. Can you please call me about my mac to discuss and if it goes to voicemail leave a message with your number. I had the computer on working perfectly whern it just fr4oze up and I couldnt move the mouse pad or close anything down. I left it a few minutes and then it was still frozen so pressed the off button. A few minutes later I( macintosh turned it back on and it now makes a clunking sound from inside constantly. A blank grey screen comes up and I cant log in. Sometimes theres a folder with a questionmark on the grey blank screen macbook but it doesnt allow me to open it or do anything else. I need a quote for repair if possible mac . I can bring it to you after hours leeds or please call to discuss options. I have a 2.4ghz 20 inch aluminium imac in Leeds which is out of warranty. I believe the internal hdd has gone, wont boot up! Did the apple hardware diagnostic check twice… 1st time suggest it was the hdd… 2nd time it suggested it could be the fans failing to cool the hdd properly. I do need leeds this fixed asap for your best price. I did ring in store prior to this message. Your colleague did say i can just pay for the labour if i buy a 1tb hdd from elsewhere. i am trying to find a key replacement for my key board. I have a macbook pro. the port for the external speakers is not working. would like to get fixed in the next week or so before i travel so i can use mac skype The computer does not start anymore. Every time I am trying, it tells me I should restart it after 2 minutes. on business and am having a problem with mouse and keyboard. Can you do same-day repair if I can get the MAC to you within the next few hours. Hi my G4 won’t switch on, its in sllep mode and has done this before but normally i’ve got it to switch on. I m getting a new mac so all i need to do leedsis recover my music from itunes by either, I have installed some new memory from Cucial and now I cannot boot up the mac. When I power up there are two short mac beeps and then the fan goes on loudly. hard drive fail, mught need replacement in leeds. Mac, so it’s not an emergency, but I’d like to see if it can be fixed. I’m in Leeds where are you, do you collect, and what are your charges. I need a quote from you for my insurance company. My powerbook dropped from the backseat pocket in a plane and since the cd slot is blocked and whenever I see mac videos through the net it gets hot and switches itself to sleep momentaneously. Basically my insurance needs to know in leeds Yorkshire  if it can be repaired or I need a new machine. I have a problem with my macbook, it seems like it doesn’t want to recognize the hard disk. First gives me a blank screen with a grey folder with a question mark on it. Then, if I go and check with my Mac CD and hold ALT, all comes up from the system is the CD-DVD burner only…no trace of the main hard disk. I am a bit worried cause I’m afraid I’m gonna lose lots of important files and data.Anyway, please let me know if you can help me and how can we arrange it. When i start my mac i get a message asking me to restart. my hard drive has broken down and needs replacing. I was thinking of putting in a 500GB and wondered how much you charge for installing one leeds. I would also like to know if you can retrieve data and how much that might be.  My life has slightly collapsed at the moment after i also lost my phone so you can only email me at the moment. When i turn on the mac, it just freezes, fuzzy lines appear. I’ve been told  in leeds that it needs a software update? How much would that cost? I spoke to the Apple online support with regards to upgrading my mac G4 powerbook – model A1095 I am interested in a new internal hard drive, leopard software and upgrading my mac RAM. The hard drive does not need to be massive (25oGB)  can get it in Leeds as I have external hard drives which i use for back up / editing etc. A few months ago it was them who suggested I may need a new hard drive when I explained the number of things that where happening. However they no longer keep software and hardware leeds  esp if its not under warranty. However if you are an authorised repair – Can you give me quotes on the cost incl delivery to Harrogate on the above products and installation. You may wish to undertake your own diagnostics. Oh and also the price on a new battery.Also a rough approx of time in Leeds est Yorkshire. Ihave an external lacie drive which is not working – can you help? Keeeboard has broken on miii macbook pro (15 inch). How much for a new keboard with&without installation. I would need it to be done tomorrow in Leeds . My iMac G5 keeps overheating – the fans come on extremely loud even when browsing internet and then occasionally the machine goes on standby I’ve tried adjusting the Processor Performance setting in Energy Saver settings to Reduced, which has had no impact. Tried to migrate all my iphoto and itunes to new macbook pro from old mac book location leeds. used the migration assistant and firewire. nothing moved except old files I hardly recognise. Now mac book (old) has decided to loose all icons from desktop, just leaving screen saver and a very bored, but working, cursor! Couldn’t give two hoots about the old computer, just wanna retrieve iphoto and itune library. Any ideas? I’m in hyde park leeds. My powermac G5’s screens pixels are totally dead. When I start it up now it’s just vertical lines. How much would it cost to repair the screen? Also, I’m thinking of selling it if it’s too expensive so how should I go about removing the hardrive so it’s safe to sell on ebay? My G5’s screen has totally broke, it started getting vertical lines about 5 months ago but now it’s totally full so when it powers up all I get is a screen full of dead pixels. I’m wanting to sell it but need to transfer all my stuff first to my new mac, what kind of cable can I buy to connect to an extension screen… will this method work? Also how much would it cost to actually repair the dead screen? do you fix mac’s under applecare? the apple shop take to long!i have a fan that hasn’t worked since i bought it and the keyboarlights seem to be dim on the leeds.I have a Macbook Pro with a faulty keyboard/trackpad – neither responds and I have to use an external keyboard & mouse. I am in Leeds. It is unknown if this is a hardware or software issue. Can you please give me an idea of cost to have this problem repaired and how long this might take, My Powerbook G4 in Leeds screen is bust – the screen shows nothing other than a bluish blur. The computer works fine when attached to a monitor; the problem seems to lie solely with the screen (I think its the 15″ size). Is it possible for you to fit a replacement screen and if so, how much would it cost for this job?  Do you repair iMacs in Leeds? At home I have a 17” G5 iMac which has just died (bought late 2004, no iSight camera). On start up the note sounds, the grey screen with the logo appears and the cog spins. But the screen flashes intermittently with pink hatched lines and while all the right hardware whirring sounds seem to be coming from the inside, the cog freezes and computer does nothing more were in Leeds are you. I’ve been looking on your website and I need a new Superdrive rather urgently, I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro but it is pre-unibody (one of the ones with the silver keys NOT black) and I just wanted to make sure that the Superdrive on your website would be the right one for me. So just to confirm it is the 8X dual layer replacement Apple SuperDrive DVD-R Burner For the MacBook Pro 15 yes? I am in Leeds and in rather a hurry to purchase this item so a quick response would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you so much.I have a macbook air first generation. The keyboard and mouse are not working, the only button that works is the power button. I have replaced the upper case in Leeds city centre, thinking it would solve the problem, but it didn’t. Other than that the laptop works flawless connected to external keyboard and mouse. Hi the power port where you plug the adaptor into the mac to charge is not working properly and only allows me to turn the mac on sometimes. i have a problem with my mac g4 located Leeds Yorkshire. Basicly, it was on a stand by mode for a couple of days, a computer itself is around 5 years old. It is turned on and then it turns off by itself when i switch it on… so i can’t use it. what else is wrong, maybe, i do not know. What would the cost be to install more memory (Already purchased) into our mac mini? I have 15″ unibody, and few problems with it Im in Leeds. It restarts itself after shutting down, it has a graphic`s problem (black areas of screen flash bright green) , and wireless internet does not work. Will you undertake repair of such faults? How much is your diagnose fee, and where is your repair work shop in Leeds if I would like to drop off my mac with you? I have a loose connection with my screen – the screen itself is fine but the bottom third flickers when the laptop is nudged, and sometimes it freezes requiring a few taps to get it going.I don’t think it needs a new screen, just a bit of re-wiring! I live in Leeds Harrogate, please could you advise? Hello, I think I need my keyboard replacing, there are also difficulties with my mouse pad. I was wondering how much you charge for repairs, how long they are likley to take and where you are based if I were to bring in my laptop. macbook’s internal speakers won’t work leeds yorkshire. It appears to tbe the optical socket causing the problem as headphones work fine, but when they I have a Mac Emergency! Suddenly my charger is not working and my keyboard is dead. My mouse pad is fine and the screen is fine, but something funky is happening with the keyboard and the power connection. I live in Leeds Pudsey and hope that you have a shop close by? please let me know, I am desperate to get it fixed! thank you, steve in leeds has taken out the light for optical comes on and the speakers are shut off. It seems to be quite a common problem: I have an mac with a broken screen from a fall. It otherwise works. Can you replace the screen in Leeds, and if so, how much would it cost?  I don’t need to send it to you for diagnosis; it’s pretty clear what’s wrong. I have an 3 mos. old mac that dropped in liquid, would not work for 1 week.  Then, came back to life for 3 weeks.  Worked perfectly except minor pixels appeared to be slightly damaged.  Looked like white sprinkles on display but ok to use I bought it in Leeds.  Then mac display turned gray after it fell out on the floor.  It powers up and seems to still able to come on but I can’t  seen anything on the screen to press. Screen is not broken. Is it worth fixing?  Yesterday, all of a sudden,the keyboard does not respond at all. I have restarted the mac and to no avail. Can you replace Leeds a broken screen on an macbook. There is nothing wrong with the digitizer just the glass screen. Phone is still being used just cracked. If so how much do you charge? My 1st generation macbook screen leeds is broken.  I need to have it replaced.  How much would this run me?  The machine still powers on, just the screen is messed up. My macbook has a water damage … we (the mac and I) are in the leeds After we got home, I open up the mac and get the water off and used hair blower to dry up the mac . When the mac dries up in Leeds, I put the macbook back together. The mac is still working, i.e., all application still works and can power down fine.  The keyboard is still working because I can tap on all keys and the tracker pad sill works a application will launch and I can play games and/or type email/chat, etc.  I can even sync my photos/music/video/apps with iTunes on my Mac. However, the screen/LCD looks bizarre and broken leeds. do not consistently works. In other words, sometimes, I have to try to push the keys multiple times before it actually bring me to my home screen. Please see attached snap shoot of the LCD screen. I’m thinking I need to replace the LCD and the macbook mechanics.  What do you think? How much will something like this cost in leeds? Thanks in advance. I have a broken screen and was wondering how long it would take to repair, and how much it would cost.  It is only the glass portion (if that helps) no bleeding, still usable, just looks real bad. I have a macbook that was dropped and now the hard drive will not work. There is no visible broken glass. I wanted to know what  I can do as a result of a broken screen.  I guess you have a program where you can trade in, but  I was wondering what guarantees or what kind of warranty  is offered. I have an Apple macbook pro leeds. I’d like to upgrade the ram on my ibook to 1gb – 1.5 gb if possible and hard drive to 120GB. Flashing folder icon,Hard drive has gone Mymacbook back light is not working, the picture that i can see is very dim and cannot be seen properly.

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